Effy Confirms Role In Latest Netflix Project


Effy (Taylor Gibson) became a regular performer for GCW after facing Nick Cage for the GCW World Championship. Gibson, who’s openly gay, has described the Effy character as an over-the-top version of himself. While Effy has yet to appear for any major wrestling promotion, he did snatch up a pretty impressive gig for himself.

While speaking on Renee Paquette’s “The Sessions” podcast, Effy confirmed that he landed a voice role in an animated Netflix project that dropped last week titled Dead End: Paranormal Park. Gibson was also asked if he would consider joining WWE or AEW in the future. While he refused to state whether he would or wouldn’t, he didn’t want to close any potential doors. Gibson’s focus seems to be his work outside of the two most prominent wrestling promotions in the U.S.:

“I have a voice role on Netflix coming out soon. I am entering a new ether where I’m going to be a part of a show, as a main cast member, I believe, going into the second season.”

Gibson also said that getting the voice role helped him push through the dark times as an independent contractor working on the indies. In 2010, Gibson hosted a series of shows featuring LGBTQ performers called Effy’s Big Gay Brunch. He was ranked #95 in PWI’s top 500 wrestlers in 2021.

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