Elias Comments on Possibly Winning the Intercontinental Title Tournament


During an interview with WWE.com, Elias commented on defeating Baron Corbin on SmackDown and advancing to the semifinals of the Intercontinental title tournament. He said,

“Winning almost any title, but especially the Intercontinental championship, would mean the world to me. It’s been two years since I almost had that in my grasp, I had Seth Rollins at Money in the Bank 2018 and I haven’t gotten that close since. I’ve had so many different moments in WWE and I’ve never taken a single one of them for granted, but I want the opportunity. That’s all I’m asking, I’m asking to show the world what Elias can do. They’ve seen me strum, they’ve seen me beat people up, they’ve seen me do that, but the opportunity at a championship is what Elias has been waiting for. It’s what all the people that scream ‘Walk With Elias,’ the people that I miss so much. Performing in front of them is what I lived for, man. It was my lifeblood. Them screaming. “WWE stands for Walk With Elias, Who wants to walk with Elias.” It fueled me. And every single one of them, in their souls, I know they want Elias to hold a championship belt, and if it’s the Intercontinental championship, dream come true. Literally a dream come true and I’m gonna do anything I can to make it happen. Now Baron Corbin, he put me on the shelf for a couple of weeks on top of the fact that he tried to kill me before Wrestlemania and I’m not gonna forget that. So sure, I’ve got my redemption at Money in the Bank, I got a little done on Smackdown tonight, but let me tell you…when I was out, something inside me…it changed. Okay? And I can feel it inside of me, I’m not sure what it is but believe me, sooner or later it’s going to come out and the result is gonna be the Intercontinental Championship.”


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