Elias Comments On WWE NXT Management Putting Him On List To Be Fired, More


During a recent interview with the “Chasing Glory with Lillian Garcia” podcast, Elias commented on his first WWE tryout, NXT management putting him on the list to be fired, and more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On his path to WWE and his first tryout with the company: “When I started training and getting into it – I had one goal in mind, and that was to make it to WWE. I saw on a website somewhere that FCW was having tryouts. All you had to do was pay $1,000 and get yourself there and you could have a tryout, which was a lot of money to me. I was working a job and maybe stocking shelves at a clothing store, and I was also going to school at the time. I paid the $1,000, I flew down to Florida, and for three days there, they drill you, grill you, and have you go through the whole ringer.”

“When I was done with that, they just destroyed me. Like, ‘You look bad. You can’t talk. You don’t understand psychology or the in-ring wrestling. You need experience.’ They just really laid into me. I just thought, ‘Ok, I’ll just tryout, and they’ll make me into a WWE Superstar.’ That did not happen, and that was a rude awakening. I can remember reading over these notes they gave me, and I remember reading it thinking, ‘OK, this is what I’ve gotta work on.’ I had high hopes I would walk in and they would be like, ‘That kid’s got it.’ But that wasn’t the case, and I was like, ‘They gave me stuff to work on, so I’ve got to work on it.’”

On lessons he’s learned from William Regal: “He said one in a million or billion people will walk into a room and you say, ‘That guy’s got it.’ Elvis walks into a room, everybody says, ‘That’s Elvis.’ Hulk Hogan, and it’s, ‘This is Hulk Hogan.’ But most people have to work really hard for what they want, and he said, ‘I’m one of those.’ And I said, ‘I’m one of those people too.’ So it’s little bits of information and little gems of knowledge that just stick with you when you have goals and want to achieve them.”

On NXT management putting him on the list to be fired: “I got to my dream job. It’s NXT and I’m a step closer to WWE. One thing I became very aware of when I got there was that the people that said ‘no’ at my tryout were now in charge of my job, and their minds didn’t change. William Regal had always said yes, and he liked me and got me through. But the people that said no, now they’re running the show and they’re in charge. I didn’t know anybody in the business and kind of like an outsider to their crew, and they can be protective of who they bring into their circle. I’m sure Corey Graves can attest to this – I was put on the list to be fired multiple times in NXT for whatever reason. I was made aware two different times. You can imagine walking into work every day knowing that guy right there wants to fire me. So there were a lot of ups and downs.”

(h/t – 411 Wrestling)

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