Elias: “I Was Put On The Fired List Numerous Times In WWE NXT”


While doing an interview with Lilian Garcia on Chasing With Glory, Elias recalled how after joining WWE in 2014 and being placed in NXT, he was on the fired list several times. 

Obviously, WWE never cut him though. Here is what he had to say: 

“I’m here at my dream job. I’m on NXT, and one step closer to WWE,” he exclaimed. “One thing I became very aware of when I got there was that the people who said ‘no’ at my tryout were now in charge of my job, and their minds didn’t change. Corey Graves can attest to this, but I was put on the fired list numerous times in NXT for whatever reason.

“I’ll tie it in full circle. I remember being pulled aside by the head of NXT at that time. He said, ‘Hey, listen. You gotta come up with something for us. We’re going to examine you in about 30 days. And, hey, maybe you’d be better off somewhere else. Maybe not everybody is meant to be a WWE Superstar.'”

H/T to Wrestling Inc

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