Elias Returns On WWE RAW, Reunites With Ezekiel


Elias made his return to WWE Monday Night RAW this week.

First, he was featured in a segment in which he and Ezekiel were backstage talking to each other on a sofa. Clearly, there was some editing or CGI involved here.

Then, Elias came out to the ring for his “concert,” but was quickly interrupted by Kevin Owens. Owens tried to point out that Elias was just Ezekiel in disguise, but Ezekiel appeared on the Titantron. Then, Owens tossed out one of Elias’ guitars, only for Elias to nail Owens with a flying knee.

Backstage, Ezekiel then confronted Owens, accepting a challenge that Owens made to Elias or Ezekiel for next week’s episode of RAW.

You can check out some highlights from the segment below:

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