Elias Talks Clashes Of Philosophies With John Cena


Elias recently spoke with Commercial Appeal for an in-character interview where he spoke about a wide range of topics that includes his interactions with former WWE Champion John Cena.

They have shared the ring a few times under the WWE banner with their most recent match coming when Cena and Lashley beat Elias and Kevin Owens at the WWE Super Show-Down event. Here is what Elias had to say:

“John Cena has been a thorn in my side almost my entire career. It seems like every big event, whatever it may be, he seems to pop up and make life tough for Elias. It probably comes down to jealousy. There are a lot of similarities in our careers: the music, the crowd (reactions), things like that. But the difference is our mentalities. He’s got the ‘never give up’ mentality. It’s a very self-involved mentality. Whereas, I’m saying, ‘Walk with Elias. I’ll take care of you.’ It’s just clashing philosophies.”

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