Elijah Burke Discusses The NWA’s ‘Unique’ & ‘Throwback’ Style


Former WWE and TNA star Elijah Burke recently appeared on the “Developmentally Speaking” podcast to talk about how the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) compares to other promotions.

You can check out some highlights and the full interview below:


On the vibe in NWA: “Heading over and becoming a part of the National Wrestling Alliance was so freaking different because it was so normal… The dynamics are unique and it’s very unique in comparison to it relatively being the same as what OVW — how it processed and ran its shows,” he continued. The former NWA World Television Champion pointed to similar arena settings, as well as the freedom wrestlers were given with both their character as well as promo work. “You’re entrusted to go out and deliver.”

On NWA being focused on old-school wrestling: “For the most part, NWA is just a throwback to what it was when Dusty [Rhodes] and [Ric] Flair and The Horsemen … it’s just go out and wrestle, you know?”

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