Ember Moon Speaks On Being Patient With Her WWE Main Roster Run, Being Called Up


Former NXT Women’s Champion Ember Moon recently appeared on the Sky Sports Lock Up podcast to talk about various topics. Here are the highlights.

Her spot on the main roster:

“I’m still getting there and I’m still looking for that highest high. When I got moved to Raw I felt like there was still a lot for me to do on NXT. It was a very overwhelming surprise when I got drafted. Triple H told me after my match at Takeover how well I’d done and I thought I was about to get fired but I got sent to Raw.

“It felt like I was starting all over. Every opportunity I’ve earned I’ve taken advantage of it. So is there a rush? Yes there is, but it’s hard to grab everything at once and it’s about being patient and seizing the right opportunity. I have to be laid back and on the watchful side of things, but I’m always there whenever I need to be.”

How fans reacted to her run in the WWE Evolution Battle Royal:

“About halfway through they started chanting my name and I never expect the WWE universe to respond to me. I’ve always just gone out there and done my own jam and if you like me, you like me and if you don’t you don’t. So that was the most overwhelming feeling I’ve had since I’ve been on Raw. I had that with Asuka at Takeover that people loved me but it’s been starting all over and baby steps on Raw.”

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