Emma Released from the WWE and then Re-hired *UPDATE*


Oh WWE make up your mind! First you hire Emma and then you re-hire her, but put her on suspension. If you didn’t know what happened, let me fill you in.

“A WWE wrestling “Diva” charged Monday with shoplifting at a Wal-Mart on Flatbush Avenue was fired Wednesday, then rehired a short time later…. Santos [lawyer] said outside the courtroom that his client’s arrest was the result of a mistake. She was using a self-checkout machine at the Hartford Wal-Mart when she bought about $30 of items but forgot to pay for an iPod or iPad case, Santos said.” 

(Source: Courant.com)

There are so many theories as to why Emma was re-instated back into the WWE. However, I doubt anyone will know the real reason. I believe that Emma has amazing potential, and this whole situation was indeed an accident. However, this is causing another media shit-storm, so Emma can kiss her camera time good bye. 

Do you think Emma is guilty? 

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