Emma Wants To Reign As Women’s Champion Now That She’s Back In WWE


Tenille ‘Emma’ Dashwood is back in WWE and the Australian Superstar has gold on her mind.

Emma returned to WWE on the October 28, 2022 episode of WWE SmackDown on FOX, after being released almost five years to the day in October 2017.


Speaking to Ryan Satin of the Out of Character podcast, Emma discussed her goals now that she has returned. She said,

“I have actually never held a title in WWE believe it or not. When it does happen, it’ll be that much better, right? Yeah, so, that definitely is a long, a goal of mine to be the Women’s Champion in WWE. I mean, that would definitely be the ultimate goal, but I am happy to work myself up to that.”

Though she has yet to hold gold in WWE, Emma is a former Impact Knockouts World Tag Team Champion, holding the gold for 106 days last year with Madison Rayne.

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