Enes Kanter Interested in Facing Rob Gronkowski at SummerSlam in Boston, MA


During a recent interview with the The No-Sports Report Podcast, Boston Celtics Center player Enes Kanter commented on wanting to face Rob Gronkowski for the WWE 24/7 Championship in Boston, MA at SummerSlam. Of course, Kanter was a former champion himself. You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On his plans to pursue a WWE career after the NBA: “I think, I am hoping to play five more years. So like, yeah, I got to finish up like 14-15 years in the league.”

On if he’d rather be a heel or babyface in wrestling: “Oh my God. I’m going to be heel. I’ll be the biggest heel the WWE has ever seen! I feel like it is more fun. It’s like entertaining people more. And for me, it’s like getting in people’s face and trash talk them and troll them. I don’t cuss, but I trash talk a lot… It’s just definitely more fun to go out there and be a heel, be a bad guy, I don’t know, I just like it better.”

On how he wanted to face Rob Gronkowski at SummerSlam in Boston: “So the SummerSlam was actually going to be in Boston at TD Garden this summer, but I think it’s canceled. So, I was thinking like, if me and Gronk go against each other, the Boston crib would go crazy.”

On meeting The Undertaker: “I went backstage, I saw some of the wrestlers, girls and guys and I’m like, “Oh my God, this is so like amazing.” But at the same time, it’s so weird. I actually got to meet with Undertaker in Madison Square Garden. He came to our locker room and I was wanting to like know that the eye roll thing is fake or not. And I asked him and I took a video of it. It’s actually on my Instagram and it’s real! He did that. I actually got to talk to him a little bit. He asked me, how old are you kid? I’m like, I am back then I was like I’m 25 years old. He’s like, I got boots older than you. I’m like, okay, well like. He was like my idol, my knees were shaking. But just because I played for the Knicks, Paul Heyman actually would come to some of our games and he’s actually my really good friend. He actually was like, “Hey, let’s go. Are we doing this?” I’m like, dude, like, relax. I gotta finish my basketball career first, then I am all yours.”

On his wrestling Mt. Rushmore: “Obviously, Undertaker. I got to go with The Undertaker, he is my favorite. The second, I’m going with The Rock. Like you said, what he did for wrestling, it was just amazing. My third one, I’m going with Ric Flair. Just the “Woo!” and everything was just so amazing… my last one, probably Hulk Hogan. Number one, I have him for sure, he’s changed the game. This dude is the most famous, in my opinion, the most famous man on the planet. He started in pro wrestling. I think Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is my first induction into Mount Rushmore. My second is a glass shattering, Stone Cold Steve Austin. I think, if you look back at the legends and all the moments and the things that have happened, Stone Cold is at the front and center of all of it. He was the attitude era as one person. Third, I think you never get to where we are right now in the WWE if it wasn’t for the first initial boom. so you have to say Hulk Hogan. Listen, let’s pretend he never said anything weird. Hulk Hogan, the wrestler, not the man, okay? For now, this is my controversial pick because there’s a lot out there and I know your number one is right on the cusp of being my number four, but my number four is Vince McMahon. The character, not even the man, I’ll say the man, obviously he started the whole thing, but the character of Vince McMahon, I think pushed wrestling and also like his matches in the Attitude era were really fun and good.”

On winning the 24/7 title at Madison Square Garden: “Oh, you have no idea. I was so nervous. And like Paul Heyman said, ‘You’re going to be the one of the most hated person in New York that night. Are you ready for it?’ I’m like, I’m born for this, let’s go! So like I pinned ‘em. I win the title, I reveal my jersey, it was a Celtics jersey. The whole crowd was booing, cause I played for that team [Knicks], they should love me, but the whole crowd was booing. For me, it was just like a lifetime experience, man, because like every wrestler was there… backstage, I got to meet with them, with Vince McMahon. I talked to Triple H a little bit, he’s like, ‘Make sure you keep my number in your phone.’ I’m like, okay, sure.”

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