Enzo Amore Comments on His Altercation With Joey Janela, AEW Spoofing the Incident


During a recent interview with Hannibal TV, former WWE Superstar Enzo “nZo” Amore commented on his altercation with Joey Janela, AEW spoofing the incident, and more. You can check out some highlights and a video of the interview below:

On what he was doing at the concert: “Well, it was Blink-182 and Lil Wayne, so let’s just be clear about that. And it was Blink-182 playing Enema of the State album from start to finish. I love Blink-182. So what was I doing there? The better question was, why weren’t you there?”

On if everything is cool with Janela after what happened: “No, nah, man. Stick to Celine Dion, man. I appreciate Canadian music as well. Beyond that, you’re talking about a guy I call Joey “Janeva,’ and Janeva never gonna get me to talk about him or say his name out of my mouth. Bottom line is I would never get into a fistfight in a public place in my life. One person was highly intoxicated and the other person was sober and clever and knew what an opportunity looked like, and he seized it. And hat’s exactly what I did. Because if you walk into a public place, in general, and somebody says to you they wanna fight, screams that word at you, and you walk up to them with your fists up because you know they’re gonna back up like a bitch, you know you’re not going to get into a fight. I would never harm anyone in a public place. I just knew that I could make a quick example of somebody. And hat’s what we call ‘working.’ That’s how you make money.”

On if he saw AEW spoofing the incident: “No, but that’s what you call money, right? Yeah, that’s how you make money in my business.”

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