Enzo Amore

Enzo Amore Comments on Returning to the Ring


Enzo Amore, aka nZo, is gearing up for a return to the ring with Northeast Wrestling. In a new interview with Sports Illustrated, he talks all about changing his in-ring style, his partner big Cass getting clean and much more. Below are some highlights:

Enzo on his changing style:

“I won’t have any entrance music and I won’t have a microphone. I’ve been training in boxing gyms and in MMA. You’re going to see ‘The Real 1.’ I’m reinventing myself as a formidable pro wrestler.”

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Enzo on his WWE career:

“I loved my WWE career and it’s perfect the way it was, so I won’t give it a sequel. The character of Enzo Amore, the one who people loved and loved to hate, was put in a casket after the ‘Phoenix’ music video.
“The guy getting back into the ring at the Mid-Hudson Civic Center this Friday is me. I played a character on a television show that elicited a greater reaction than the guys hitting high spots, but now I’m going to show people what I can do in the ring.”

Enzo on Big Cass’ recovery:

“Watching Cass get back on his feet has been one of the biggest blessings of my life. I watched people laugh at him when he fell, and I’ve watched as he has returned to happiness. Nothing can tear us apart at this point, and nothing can stop us. When Cass is looking for inspiration, I tell him to look in the f—ing mirror. He’s on the exact path he should be.
“I feel the same way about myself. It’s either know your role and shut your mouth or know your goals and run your mouth, and I know my goals this time around.”

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