Enzo Amore Shares Cryptic Message On Social Media


Former WWE Cruiserweight Champion Enzo Amore has said goodbye to the WWE by posting this on his official Instagram account, which is his first post since the statement from his lawyer about his alleged rape incident.

WWE officials were not aware of the rape allegations against former WWE Cruiserweight Champion until January of this year once the media reached out to them for comments once the allegations went viral on Twitter.

Officials approached him backstage and asked about it. Amore denied the allegations were true but he did acknowledge that he knew about the investigation that Phoenix Police launched back in October after meeting the accuser at a local hospital.

This is when the sports entertainment company decided to suspend him. The feeling is that the company was upset with Amore due to him knowingly putting them in a bad position, which forced them to respond to media inquiries over rape allegations on what was one of the biggest TV days in company history.

In terms of his suspension and later firing, the reason that they cut ties with him is not due to an internal belief that Enzo is guilty, but over the fact that Enzo failed to notify officials that he was being investigated.

This was described as a situation where it was “the last straw” for Enzo after several incidents that brought him heat over the past year. After the rape allegations came out, there were just too many problems with Enzo over the past year and the decision was made to release him.

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