Enzo Amore Speaks On A Possible Singles Run, Working With Lana And Rusev


Enzo Amore recently appeared on the Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast to talk about various topics. Here are the highlights.

On possible singles run:

“I’m hoping Big Cass gets a great singles’ run and vice versa. We pull for each other in that regard. If you remember back in the day when [Shawn] Michaels and Diesel were running hot as tag team champions, they had the IC title and Heavyweight championship; I can’t not see that in the future for me and Big Cass. Doesn’t matter who has got what around their waste, we’re homies you know?”

On the hotel room scene with Lana and Rusev:

“When I’m in the hotel room and I see Lana, it’s a “Pulp Fiction” moment. It’s John Travolta walking up to his boss’s door trying to talk himself out of it the entire time. For me, in this scenario, I was presented with a challenge that I had never seen before because for that time period, they didn’t want me to be Enzo. Enzo would have walked into the hotel room and started making Certified G jokes; with that being said, I had the mindset to go in there and just murder this right now, and be hilarious, and everyone is going to pop for it. I had an arsenal of material ready; but when I got there in the situation; the situation is that you deserve every beatdown that you receive. You walk into a hotel room with someone’s wife while she was naked. You said that you were going to stuff her turkey. I don’t remember exactly what I said, but of course he’s going to kick me in the “you know what,” so the next time I’m on television, we had to dial it back when I was put into that situation, so to garner those people’s sympathy, I started playing the shy..I don’t want to be here, and the second I walked into the situation I knew it wasn’t the right one, and I made a bad decision, and I wanted to get out of there. It wasn’t because I was scared of Rusev, it was because I didn’t want to do something with another man’s wife, and so, Enzo is a good guy at the end of the day. That was the role I was asked to play.”

You can listen to the podcast here:

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