Enzo Amore To Perform Live On Broadway The Same Night At WWE’s Live Event At MSG


Former WWE Superstar Enzo Amore tweeted the following, revealing that he will be performing on Broadway live the night after Christmas on December 26th. For what it’s worth, WWE is running a live event at Madison Square Garden on the same night. Amore said,

“I gotta tell you something, OK? It’s very important information that you need to hear, understand, absorb and let become a part of your mind. Real simple: December 26th is the day after Christmas and the crazy anomaly here is that it’s gonna be better than Christmas day itself because I’m gonna be standing on Broadway live! That’s right, I said live! Do you understand the concept here, OK? Because you look like you have a hard time understanding things. I’m speaking as clearly and diligently as anybody you’ve ever heard in your life. Enzo is on Broadway, how you doin’?”

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