EPW Releases 15 second clip in Defense of Ian Rotten


The fallout after an altercation between pre-teen fans and Ian Rotten continues as EPW has released a 15 second clip of the incident intended to clear Rotten’s name,

The clip seems to contradict his previous claim that he was “pushed and felt a forearm in the back” by the 11 year old girl, as the video clearly shows the young girl had her back to Ian at the time of contact.

The brief clip also shows her 9 year old brother step up and attempt to defend his sister before getting chased off screen by Rotten.  You can hear Rotten call him a “fucker” as the kid runs away and Rotten begins to chase him down.  It is unclear why EPW chose to show the contact with the 11 year old girl that contradicts his previous claim and edit the verbal tirade towards the 9 year old, as Ian defended this action as “purely interaction on my part” and that he would not “apologize for doing my job”   

This morning, JWP Multimedia has submitted a written request to EPW to release the entire match for the public under the ” Freedom of Information” act as Ian Rotten’s continued involvement in Independent Professional Wrestling may pose a general risk to the community.

The brief video can be seen here.

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