Eric Bischoff Calls Paige And Her Family’s Reaction To Her WWE Suspension ‘F’N Stupid’


Eric Bischoff appeared on Sports Illustrated’s 120 Sports where he discussed Paige and her family’s negative comments about WWE suspending Paige for her second wellness policy suspension. This is what he said:

“First, I’m going to give you a disclaimer because I have a lot to say on this subject. Number one, I do not know Paige. I’ve never met her. I don’t know Alberto Del Rio. I don’t know anything about the facts surrounding her case and her wellness violation and suspension. That being said, I know like everybody else what I’ve read and what I’ve heard. My first reaction is that it’s just effing stupid. It really disappoints me and saddens me is probably the better way to say it. Regardless of Paige’s argument and her family’s argument which I think is like double down stupid. You know, getting your parents involved on Twitter doesn’t make a great deal of sense. When Paige entered in to that agreement with WWE she knew what the rules were. Ok? Look, I get it. When you’re in your twenties, when you’re in your thirties or God forbid when you are fortunate enough and you are in your forties and are still being successful in sports entertainment. Particularly in the WWE. When you have been blessed with that opportunity and you know what the rules are but you somehow try to circumvent those rules. Whether it’s out of need for convenience, necessity or otherwise you are screwing yourself because you are blowing a perfectly phenomenal opportunity. I don’t know what the percentage is quite frankly. Russ Francis was on our show recently. He spent fourteen years in the NFL and has done a lot of speaking about the very small percentage of amateur football players who get recruited in to college and then get drafted in to professional sports and then last more than three years in the NFL. I believe it’s something like one-tenth of one percent. I would bet that the percentage of amateur wrestlers, independent wrestlers who aspire to be in the WWE and then get that opportunity to get looked at by the WWE. Then to weave that small thread through that little, tiny needle in the battleship of life in the middle of a hurricane and actually land a gig in the WWE. To blow it by consciously trying to circumvent an existing drug policy or wellness policy that you previously knew about? I’m sorry, it goes in to the category of shear stupid. I feel bad for Paige. When you are young you think all that success is going to last forever. You think that audience is going to be there and be cheering for you and supporting you and you are going to have that relationship with that audience forever. I’ve got news for you, it can end in a moments notice”

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