Photo Credit: WWE

Eric Bischoff Comments On WWE’s 4th Quarter 2016 Earnings Report & More – Audio


On the most recent edition of his “Bischoff on Wrestling” podcast, Eric Bischoff reacted to WWE’s 4th Quarter 2016 report. You can check out an excerpt and audio from the podcast below:

“Growth and revenue streams. Where is the business changing? If one sector of the business or one revenue stream is diminishing or losing ground. Where are they making it up and how? It’s like a balancing act. It’s always fun to look at the different sectors. Back in the day when I was doing it as a full time job, as I used to say, there were basically four legs to the table of the sports entertainment industry. Television and licensing was one of the revenue streams. PPV was another revenue stream. Live events was another revenue stream and then there was licensing and merchandising. Those were the four key revenue streams but as the business has evolved and entertainment has evolved now you have all the digital applications that are kind of sub-sectors, if you will, of those four corner posts. It’s fun to watch that evolve, develop and see how that’s changing the overall picture.”

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