​Eric Bischoff Discusses AJ Styles & How He Would Have Pushed Him After The WWE Royal Rumble PPV


During a recent interview with Wz, former WWE, WCW and TNA superstar Eric Bischoff discussed AJ Styles in WWE, his push and how he would have pushed him following the Royal Rumble pay-per-view event. Bischoff said,

“I’ve said this before, I’m not just responding to this particular question, in the past when I was running WCW, producing and making a lot of the decisions creatively I would often go up in to the crowd. In an area of the arena where no one could see me. I’d have my hat on down low or whatever so I wasn’t recognized when I was up there. You feel things differently in the arena when you are in the seats than you do when you are backstage in the Gorilla position. It just feels different. It speaks to you differently. It’s a different energy and a different vibe. Once you remove yourself and now you’re in the Gorilla position, which is great you’re still getting good sounds, or worse if you’re backstage OR WORSE if you’re watching at home. You really remove yourself from the opportunity to feel how fans are reacting. In a real time manner. To answer your question, yes, I would have probably found a way or I would like to think I could have found a way to capitalize on an unexpectedly positive reaction from someone like AJ Styles. Whatever plan I had I would probably want to re-evaluate because that is hard to come by.”

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