Eric Bischoff Discusses Steve Austin’s Main Event Spot At WrestleMania 38


During the latest edition of his Strictly Business podcast for AdFreeShows, WWE Hall of Famer Eric Bischoff commented on “Stone Cold” Steve Austin’s main event spot at WrestleMania 38 with Kevin Owens, among other topics that were also discussed below:

Eric Bischoff on Steve Austin’s spot at WrestleMania 38: “If you’re really thinking about it from a business perspective, Steve Austin isn’t taking a spot that you could possibly fill because Steve Austin is providing a level of entertainment that very few people can provide. It’s a look back, it’s reliving an experience. So many of the people that were watching WrestleMania were huge fans of ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin, and to see him go out there, and have some fun, and give Vince McMahon what is arguably the worst bump in the history of professional wrestling, as corny as it all was, I loved every second of it and so did a lot of other people.”

On how the match takes nothing away from the roster: “Nobody that’s been in the business for five, six, or seven, or eight, or ten years is going to be able to fill that spot. There’s nothing wrong with giving a spot like that, a moment like that, using a character like Steve Austin, or John Cena, or Rock, or Hulk Hogan when he could do it, or Undertaker when he was doing it, or ‘insert anybody’s name here’ that’s done it in the past. There’s nothing wrong with giving that to the fans, and it’s not taking anything away from anybody on the roster. It really isn’t, it’s just how you look at it.”

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