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Eric Bischoff Discusses The Elite Re-Signing With AEW



On the latest episode of his “Strictly Business” podcast, Eric Bischoff delved into AEW re-signing The Elite (Kenny Omega, The Young Bucks, and Hangman Page) to extended contracts, shedding light on their choice to remain with AEW over WWE.

Reflecting on The Elite’s commitment to AEW and their preference for a lighter schedule, Bischoff remarked,

“Scott Hall, Kevin Nash. It’s the same thing, you know, it’s not new brother. ’Cause look, for some — if you’re 22, 23, 25, 28, early 30s and you don’t have a family. You don’t have a meaningful relationship that you’re concerned about. And you’re having the time of your life, and you’re performing, and you’re making great money and you’re traveling the world. An opportunity to work 300 days a year is a wonderful opportunity.”

Elaborating on the significance of their decision, Bischoff emphasized,

“Now I don’t know the Young Bucks or The Elite at all. I mean, I know them obviously, but I don’t know them personally. What I have heard is that they’re very family-oriented individuals. And if that’s true — and I believe it to be, I don’t have any reason not to. But let’s say because that’s true. I think that’s a fantastic decision on their part, because they’re, they’re prioritizing. Look, it’s not like they’re not making a lot of money, right? Let’s make that clear. They’re probably both well into seven figures now. I don’t know what the live event schedule is for AEW; I don’t know if it’s been published, I don’t know if anybody knows. But what are they gonna do a hundred live events a year, maybe? Less?”

Discussing the benefits of a reduced workload, Bischoff further commented,

“So that’s a healthy decision. It’s a healthy decision because look, there’s less chance they’re gonna get hurt. The less times you’re in the ring, no matter how good you are or what kind of condition you are in. The less times you’re in the ring, the less of a chance you have to get injured. That could derail your career. Or just accumulate injuries that over time will stack up and matter once you hit 45 or 50, right? Especially with the style of wrestling they do. So I think taking perhaps less money for certain less wear and tear, and to be able to spend time with your family and be there for those important moments? Hats off to them. Good decision.”

On the show, Eric Bischoff was also asked if the decision to remain with AEW and not join WWE will affect the legacy of the group. As far as Bischoff is concerned, he said that while he respects their decision, The Elite will ultimately go down as having never “made it to the big show.” You can check out his full comments here.

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