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Eric Bischoff Explains How Scott Hall Was Instrumental in Getting Sting Excited About Changing Crow Gimmick


Former WCW president Eric Bischoff recently took to his podcast, “83 Weeks,” to talk about several professional wrestling topics.

Here are the highlights:

How Sting knew his character had to evolve:

By 1997, he had started kind of evolving away from surfer Sting, because the reality kind of approach to what we were doing, at least in our A stories, was so effective, that Sting started, I think, on his own, he wasn’t directed by me to start letting his hair grow out, I didn’t tell him not to either, but that was all Sting because he knew his character had to evolve.

How Scott Hall was instrumental in getting Sting excited about the Crow Sting idea:

So by the time Scott Hall, and I, and Kevin Nash, and Hulk, and maybe one or two others were sitting in a locker room somewhere, right before Nitro, or a couple of hours before Nitro, and thank God, Scott Hall was in one of his moments, was lucid, he was motivated, he was inspired, he was really passionate about this idea, and I think it was Scott Hall’s ability, and his passion, for the Crow character, that got Sting excited, for much the same reasons that I described before, because Sting was the kind of guy that would sit and really listen, not only to the idea, but the passion and the inspiration behind it, and how well you could paint that picture.

Sting having no doubts or second thoughts about changing to the Crow Sting character:

Scott, in that very inspired, lucid, hour and a half or two hours that we probably spent discussing this new character, painted a picture that Sting, he was just drooling, he couldn’t wait to launch this character. So there was no inhibition, there was no second thoughts, or he wasn’t doubting himself or second guessing himself. The way Hall laid it out, the opportunity that that character clearly had with its relationship to the NWO, and how that story could play out, we were all just chomping at the bit to do it, nobody more than Steve Borden.

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