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NewsAEWEric Bischoff: Fans Who Like AEW's Storytelling Don't Know What Storytelling Is

Eric Bischoff: Fans Who Like AEW’s Storytelling Don’t Know What Storytelling Is



Eric Bischoff has taken aim once again at AEW and believes that those who enjoy the product don’t understand storytelling.

While Bischoff has appeared for AEW in the past, the WWE Hall of Famer has been highly critical of Tony Khan’s booking in recent years, which has unsurprisingly resulted in his appearances drying up.

On a bonus episode of his “83 Weeks” podcast, Bischoff said that while he does enjoy AEW from time to time, he disagrees with Khan’s take on storytelling.

Bischoff’s argument is that AEW’s approach to storytelling is “just a promo with great matches” while he said that “a story has structure” something he believes AEW lacks.

The former RAW General Manager added that “if a fan thinks [AEW is] doing a great story, they don’t know what storytelling is.” 

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