Eric Bischoff: Now Is Not The Time For Sami Zayn As WWE Champion


Should Sami Zayn be the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion? Not just yet, according to Eric Bischoff.

Zayn’s popularity has soared over the past year thanks to his angle with the Bloodline, and his time with the group ended at last month’s Royal Rumble pay-per-view event.


On his 83 Weeks podcast, Bischoff explained why this isn’t the right time for Zayn to be the top name in the company. He said,

“I think he can come out of Elimination Chamber with Roman and continue his ascent to that WWE Champion status. I think if you [put the belt on Zayn] now, as strong as Sami is, and as much as the crowd is behind him now, I think it would be a little premature, especially in WWE, they like to build slowly.”

Bischoff gave his prediction on when would the right time be for Zayn to finally win the big one. He continued,

“I think within the next six months Sami is going to be right there. I could see Sami and Cody down the line if indeed Cody comes out of it as WWE Champion. Not yet, but very soon. Does he have the talent? He has enough talent to share. I think the crowd needs to view Sami in that role for just a little bit longer, that upper third of the roster. I think if they do it, in the next six months, absolutely yes. I think if they did it right now, it’d be a bit too soon.”

Sami Zayn will challenge Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns next Saturday at WWE Elimination Chamber 2023 in Zayn’s hometown of Montreal.

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