Eric Bischoff Reflects On Turning Down WWE A Year Before He Joined The Company


Eric Bischoff reflected on a recent edition of his podcast (via Wrestling Inc) about the fact that WWE made him an offer to come in a year before he actually did and later became the General Manager of Monday Night Raw. Here are the highlights.

Jim Ross Calling Him About Coming to WWE:

“When he did call me, I can tell he wasn’t excited about it,” Bischoff says of Ross. “There was no positive energy. He wasn’t rude or disrespectful, but it was a very matter-of-fact, unemotional phone call. He certainly wasn’t trying to sell me anything let’s put it that way. He called me and said, ‘You know, we would like to bring you in. I think we may have something that may work out.’”

Turning Down The Offer:

“I wasn’t really too excited taking off in the middle of a weekend as people were flying in all throughout the country to visit,” admitted Bischoff. “I think that would have been kind of rude, but I was open minded. I thought, well, if it is the right idea, and if it makes sense then I will do it. I asked Jim what exactly he was thinking. “I am sure he wanted to kayfabe me and I don’t blame him for that at all. I respect it, but he kind of led me to believe that nothing was quite figured out; they were bouncing some ideas around and wanted to see if I could make it in for Monday. I just said, ‘Look Jim, I really appreciate the opportunity and thank you so much for calling, but I can’t do it on this short of notice,’ and that was it. He said, ‘Okay, great. I will pass on the information.’ He hung up the phone. When I hung up, I thought, well, that is the last time I will hear from them. Not too many people turn down the WWE and get a call back, so that was the first contact that I had with them and I had to turn them down.”

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