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Eric Bischoff Reveals If He Thinks the Montreal Screwjob Was a Work


Former WCW president Eric Bischoff recently took to his podcast, “83 Weeks,” to talk about several professional wrestling topics.

Here are the highlights:

If he believes Bret Hart who maintains that the Montreal Screwjob was not a work:

My nature is to believe people until they give me a reason not to. It’s not served me all that well throughout my life and my career, but it’s nonetheless it’s my nature, it’s not going to change. And I take it at face value. Bret and I have had, we’re cool now, we don’t bury each other, we’re never going to go out and have a steak dinner together or anything like that, but we’re also not waking up in the morning looking for an opportunity to take a shot at each other either.

But whatever I may have said in the past about Bret, I’ve never said that Bret was a liar. I’ve never believed that Bret is a liar. I believe that Bret believes what he believes, and sometimes it’s maybe different than what the rest of us or others may think, but that’s just a difference of opinion, that’s not a lie. I can’t imagine Bret lying about this.

I just don’t think it’s in his nature to lie. He may distort things in his own mind sometimes. He may interpret things different than maybe somebody else does, I do, you do, whatever. He may have a different outlook on things that maybe inconsistent with my ideas or my outlook on things or whatever, as an example, but at the end of it all, I just don’t believe in my heart that Bret Hart would lie to this extent, and carry it forward.

How upset Bret was after the screwjob:

Here’s what I do know, here’s what I know for a fact, I know for a fact how much that situation really, I’m going to use the word hurt. I don’t want people to interpret that as Bret was overly emotional about it or crying about it or anything, but he was angry about it, and it was a legitimate anger. Honestly, after a couple of months, I was like, man, you gotta let that go.

Either find a way to use it and turn it around and turn that negative situation into a positive one or just get beyond it, but don’t keep dwelling on it. And he dwelled on it. And I think if it had been a work, he wouldn’t have dwelled on it as much as he did. And when I say dwell, I mean he wouldn’t have held on to the anger and frustration of it as long as he did. So that’s the reason why I take it at face value.

And I believe Bret, because I just don’t think he would have been capable, honestly, of putting himself in that position and lying to his fanbase.

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