Eric Bischoff Reveals What He Texted Cody Rhodes Following His AEW Departure


During the latest episode of his brand new “Strictly Business” podcast for AdFreeShows, Eric Bischoff commented on Cody Rhodes returning to WWE, what he texted Cody after he left AEW, and why his father would have been so proud of him.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:


On Cody Rhodes returning to WWE: “I was excited as hell for him. Let me put some context to this because I always bust other people’s chops for not doing that. I met Cody when he was a little kid when he was working with his dad and I didn’t see Cody really again until he was in WWE when I was in WWE as a talent in the early 2000s.”

On what he texted Cody after he left AEW: “I never really got to know Cody as an adult on a level that I could understand what he was going through and what he was thinking. I didn’t know Cody that well but when Cody left WWE, I texted Cody and just told him how proud I was of him and I was proud of Cody because of leaving WWE. You’ve got a 30-year-old kid, making close to a million dollars a year and he decides to chuck it, that takes courage, that takes passion and it’s also kind of insane. I wouldn’t have done it but Cody did and that reminded me of Dusty because if Dusty wasn’t creatively satisfied, the money didn’t matter. He would make bad decisions financially because his desire to create and to see a vision come to life was one of the most important things to him. I saw Dusty struggle with that, Dusty and I at different points were really good friends, and had some very very deep long conversations about life in general but mostly about business and wrestling.”

On how Cody’s father would be proud of him: “So when Cody left, I thought that is Dusty and Dusty would be proud. Now Michelle, Cody’s mother, was probably going what the hell are you doing? Don’t do that, because she lived through what it was like with Dusty and the ups and downs financially. Cody did it and I sent him a text and I just said ‘man, I am so proud of you and your dad would be too.’ Quick little text, that was it.”

On Cody Rhodes leaving AEW: “Then I heard about Cody leaving AEW, that was even more surprising to me because I know how fulfilling, at least initially that had to be. I’m not hearing this from Cody, Cody and I have not had any conversations about this, I’m just putting two and two together based on what I knew of Dusty and I’m seeing from Cody and connecting the dots in terms of similarities. When he left AEW to go to WWE, I was like this kid was born with the biggest set of stones of any human being I’ve met because he’s willing to walk away. Again, I don’t know, I’m pretty certain that Tony Khan would’ve offered him a lot of money and probably made some concessions along the way to keep Cody aboard but he walked away from it because his heart wasn’t in it.”

On Cody likely not being fulfilled creatively in AEW: “He wasn’t being fulfilled creatively and he wasn’t able to execute the vision he had in his mind so once again, he’s willing to walk away from the career opportunity of a lifetime. Hell, 10 lifetimes. How many times do you have to go through life to get an opportunity like that, that Cody had with AEW? But he was willing to walk away from it and go back to the company that he spent a fair amount of time trashing. That takes balls. I sent him the same text and we had a longer conversation this time, just in text. Same thing man, I’m just so proud of him. It takes more courage than anybody could possibly know that hasn’t been in a similar situation.”

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