Eric Bischoff Rips WWF’s Attitude Era, Bully Ray & Jim Ross Respond


Eric Bischoff took to Twitter on Saturday to once again comment on why he wasn’t a fan of WWF’s Attitude Era in the 1990s. He claims it was a derivative of what he did in WCW with the nWo. That led to Bully Ray claiming that the nWo and Attitude Era both had ECW to thank.

Bischoff said,

“The Attitude Era was nothing more than a derivative (I’m being elegant) of the nWo and Nitro era, which forced WWE to abandon their previous creative strategy and presentation to compete with a new formula.”

Bully Ray said,

“And, the nWo, Nitro and Attitude Era were nothing more than a derivative of the ECW era. ECW was the Napster of the wrestling business. Both companies may have gone out of business…but both companies revolutionized their respective industries. Fans still chant ECW. Not WCW or WWE.”

Jim Ross said,

“And the catalyst for the Wild West feel of ECW was Mid-South Wrestling…just my two cents.”

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