Eric Bischoff Says New Day Hosting WM 33 Is A Big Opportunity


On a recent edition of his Podcast (via, Eric Bischoff talked about New Day getting the opportunity to host WrestleMania 33. He said the following:

“I wouldn’t want to be in their shoes (laughs). I can tell you that. I’ve never been afraid or intimidated or really ever been nervous in front of a crowd. No matter how big or small the situation was. Man, having that kind of pressure on you. They’re already planning next year’s WrestleMania for crying out loud. That’s a lot of pressure on a talent and you’ve got to know that Vince McMahon, along with everybody around him, is going to be watching every breath you take and ever step you make. However the song goes. Congratulations to them. It’s a big opportunity. If they step up, which I am sure they will, they are obviously in that position for a reason. Vince McMahon, Kevin Dunn, Triple H and whoever else is involved have a lot of confidence in them and they’ve earned that confidence. Congratulations to them. I am sure it will be a big step forward in their career and I am happy to see it.”

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