Eric Bischoff Says It Is OK For WWE To “Work” Their Audience By Releasing Misinformation On Injuries


On a recent episode of Eric Bischoff’s “Bischoff On Wrestling” podcast, the former RAW GM spoke on WWE in terms of them releasing false information regarding superstars to the fans.

Nick Hausman and Eric Bischoff went over the topic, here are the highlights:

NH: “WWE put up a statement saying Braun Strowman is going to be out for up to six months. Meltzer has since come out and said that number is probably inflated and he’ll be back in mid-July. What do you think about wrestling promotions working the fans on injuries? Is that OK to lie to people about the severity of an injury?”

EB: “Is it ok to work an audience? Yes, Is it ok to just come out and knowingly lie to them? Eh, hard to really delineate between a good work and a lie. Let’s look at what the product is. It’s not sports. People are not betting on it and if they are they shouldn’t be. It’s not a sport it’s a story, it’s fiction and in my opinion, Is it OK to manipulate perception in order to achieve an ultimate goal within the context of this art-form? My answer is a definitive HELL YES!”


NH: “Don’t you start to question other news from them if you know they may be working you?”

EB: “NO! It’s good! Here in lies the magic! If you can get people asking questions you can get them to tune in, you can get them to discuss, you can get them to debate, you can get them to disrupt because they are engaged.”


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