Eric Bischoff: Stephanie McMahon Would Kill Tony Khan In A Fight


Eric Bischoff is confident that WWE co-CEO Stephanie McMahon will beat Tony Khan if the two ever came to blows.

McMahon was appointed the role of co-CEO, which she shares with Nick Khan, last month, following the retirement of her father Vince McMahon.

Khan has served as AEW President since the company began in January 2019.

During a recent interview with NBC Sports Boston, Bischoff, who has appeared for both AEW and WWE, was confident in Stephanie’s fighting skills.

“Stephanie McMahon would kill Tony Khan. Have you stood next to Tony Khan? She’s stronger, bigger. Listen, I’ve been slapped by Stephanie McMahon on television, which was supposed to be what they call a ‘working’ slap. She don’t know how to work, at least not a slap. I mean, that girl could hurt you. She would kill Tony Khan. Kill him. Yeah, set that up. Somebody book that. That would be fun.”

Since Vince McMahon’s retirement, Khan has laid claim to being the longest-serving wrestling promotion owner and has said that WWE’s leadership change is a good thing.

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