Eric Bischoff Talks Donald Trump And North Korea – Exclusive UK Interview


Wrestling legend Eric Bischoff recently sat down for a chat with Spanish Announce Table’s Wayne Madden and Grapple Arcade’s Mark Fox in Newcastle, England, as part of his UK speaking tour. Recorded exclusively with the collaboration of promoters NE Sporting Events, the frank and revealing interview delves into the life and times of one of the most enduring and well respected individuals in the industry.

First debuting in the American Wrestling Association in 1989, Bischoff was immediately seen as an enigmatic host and interviewer, quickly dominating the screen. With the folding of AWA and his move to World Championship Wrestling in 1991, he would become one of the most controversial and charismatic figures both on and off screen. During the interview Eric spoke about ‘Collision in Korea’, a 1995 event which saw WCW host a major wrestling PPV in North Korea, claiming crowds of up to 190,000 people who saw Antonio Inoki defeat Ric Flair in the main event. This was at a time of political tension between North Korea and the United States when few Americans would be granted admission to the country, let alone orchestrate a major media performance there.

Bischoff’s career highlights include the signing of wrestling superstar Hulk Hogan, the formation of the New World Order and even an unlikely spell as Hardcore Champion, yet it was turning a profit for WCW and creating their fabled 83 weeks of winning ratings on the Monday Night Wars which brought him his biggest success; and the title ‘President of World Championship Wrestling’ just two years after his first promotion. The interview also marks a discussion about US President Donald’s Trump membership with the WWE Hall of Fame, at a time when the WWE is becoming a talking point of international politics, following their own controversial PPV Crown Jewel, held in Saudi Arabia. Bichoff himself spent many years working with World Wrestling Entertainment following their acquisition of WCW and was personally hired on the recommendation of Chairman Vincent K McMahon and his wife Linda McMahon, who currently serves in the Trump Administration.

Spanish Announce Table is a Newcastle based radio show which specializes in high quality excellence and wrestling knowledge, in partnership with the Grapple Arcade. It is presented by Journalists Wayne Madden and Neale McGeever, Entrepreneur Mark Fox and former Wrestler Christopher Welsh. Grapple Arcade’s official YouTube channel hosts a number of high profile interviews for the group including ex-WWE star Montel Vontavious Porter as well as several of SAT’s shows. Live shows are recorded every Wednesday night at 8pm GMT on Newcastle’s premier community radio station Nova Radio North East. All four men bring a collective passion and enthusiasm for the project seldom seen or heard elsewhere.

Eric Bischoff recently completed a successful UK tour, in which he travelled across Britain discussing his wrestling past, as well as his hopes for the future. His recent delivery of a TED talk is just another example of how wrestling is transcending popular culture and Eric Bischoff is still on the forefront of that discussion.  “It was one of the most surreal, incredible experiences I’ve ever had in my life. To go to a country that was so isolated, I mean completely isolated, and the population of the country is brainwashed. And their world view is so different to reality, that the only way to describe it is as surreal” – Eric Bischoff on visiting North Korea in April 1995 for ‘Collision in Korea’

“Look, there’s obviously a connection…Donald Trump being in the WWE Hall of Fame, that’s almost comical” – Eric Bischoff discussing Donald Trump’s membership in the WWE Hall of Fame

We’re just four passionate fans, who came together out of a collective admiration for something we love, and it feels good to be able to share that enthusiasm with other people. The only way is up!” – Spanish Announce Table presenter Wayne Madden

(Interview Begins At 3.26)

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