Eric Bischoff

Eric Bischoff Talks TNA Rebranding As Impact Wrestling In 2011


Eric Bischoff discussed TNA rebranding as Impact Wrestling in 2011 during a recent edition of 83 Weeks

“Deep down inside, I suspect it wasn’t Dixie that was resistant because of all the money that had been spent marketing TNA. I suspect it was mommy and daddy. Dixie was smart, and as a woman, I’m pretty sure she was a little embarrassed. Dixie still has a fairly high profile in the Nashville area in the social echelons of the important people of Nashville. She’s well-known, and she’s a sweet person and very active in the community. Yet she’s the female owner of TNA? I think it was kind of weird for Dixie. Now, the name change didn’t come from within. People want to believe it did, but it started with Spike TV. It was their marketing, their research, and their challenges with advertisers. This came from Viacom because Viacom had to go out and represent the content on the show. Those poor people in advertising had to try to go out and sell something called TNA. Seems like it would be a hurdle, doesn’t it?”

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