Eric Bischoff Thinks Bad Bunny Set The Template For Influencers In WWE


Eric Bischoff spoke about Bad Bunny on his 83 Weeks podcast. 

The rapper teamed with Damian Priest to beat The Miz and John Morrison at the WWE WrestleMania 37 pay-per-view event from Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida. 

“What a phenomenal impact Bad Bunny had,” Bischoff said. “Don’t be surprised if we don’t start seeing a lot more social media influencer stunts. Gone are the days where you are going to take someone who is a movie star or television star. Not that it won’t continue to happen from time to time but I think because of just the way the world is shifting and pop culture has evolved, don’t be surprised if we start seeing more and more huge social media influencers and people that you would never expect to get involved in professional wrestling stepping into the arena.

“They’re going to make more money, go back to Bad Bunny, here’s a guy some wrestling experts thought nobody even knew who he was. Wow, reality proved that perspective very very wrong, Bad Bunny comes in and he uses his WrestleMania performance, which was a hell of a performance and leverages that to sell out his tour, he shutdown TicketMaster. Not bad for a guy nobody knows right?”

H/T to Wrestling Inc

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