Eric Bischoff – ‘Vince McMahon’s New Look Is “Dapper As F**k!'”


Vince McMahon’s unique look he debuted earlier this year is “dapper as f**k” according to WWE Hall of Famer Eric Bischoff.

During a public appearance in April to announce the WWE-Endeavor deal, McMahon debuted a striking new look, complete with a mustache.


Speaking about McMahon’s appearance during the recent launch event of TKO Group Holdings, Bischoff praised his former rival on the “83 Weeks Podcast.” He said,

“The biggest thing I noticed is Vince wasn’t wearing a tie. He’s dying his hair, and he’s dying his mustache. He looks great. I talked to someone recently who said he’s down in the gym working out, you know? In fact, the comment was, ‘If you didn’t know he had just gone through back surgery. You would never have imagined it,’ and that’s Vince McMahon.

“Vince, once again, he looked dapper as fuck in his lavender sport coat, sporting that Errol Flynn mustache.”

McMahon will serve as Executive Chairman of TKO Group Holdings, though a recent SEC filing revealing that all of his WWE stock is for sale has raised questions about Vince’s future with the company.

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