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Eric Bischoff Was ‘Embarrassed’ To Be Part Of Randy Savage A&E Biography


Eric Bischoff discussed the A&E Biography on Randy Savage during a recent edition of 83 Weeks

Bischoff discussed being embarrassed that he was a part of it. 

Eric Bischoff on the Brian Pillman episode of Dark Side of the Ring: “I loved it. And for people who may not understand why I went off the way I did on the Randy Savage A&E documentary, I just felt like there was a lot of dirt for the sake of dirt. Sensationalism for the sake of sensationalism. The exact opposite I think happened on VICE with the Brian Pillman episode. Sure, there were a lot of negative things that were a part of Brian Pillman’s story that were brought front and center in that documentary. But the way it was presented, it didn’t feel to me they were trying to bury his legacy. Quite the opposite happened. I think the way Stone Cold Steve Austin, Jim Ross, Jim Cornette, and even Dave Meltzer – a lot of people were involved with that who were directly involved with Brian and had a relationship with Brian. They told the story, but they did it respectfully. They didn’t do it just to bury somebody.

“At the end of that documentary, I felt good about Brian Pillman’s story – as sad as it was, and I’m sure everybody wishes it would’ve turned out differently for Brian. But I had to think in my own mind, if Brian is watching this right now or could’ve been involved in this process or edited that final edit on the documentary, what would Brian have changed? I don’t think he would’ve changed anything. I think he would’ve been proud of his son [Brian Pillman Jr.]. I think Brian Jr. trying to reconcile with his mother is a beautiful story, regardless of how it turns out or whether she deserves it or not. Just the fact that Brian has tried to establish a relationship with his dysfunctional mother, I don’t know, I felt hopeful at the end of it. That’s the direct opposite of the way I felt when I saw the Randy Savage A&E thing.”

On being embarrassed that he was a part of the A&E Biography on Randy Savage: “I’m embarrassed that I was a part of that as well. So people understand and know, both Mrs. B [Loree Bischoff] and I shot those segments while I was still working for WWE and both of us were living in Stamford a year and a half ago. I’ve been involved in so many WWE projects and I hope to continue to be involved in them – maybe or maybe not because I’m pretty vocal about my opinion. I like to think my criticism is constructive, and I don’t like to pick on individuals or get petty or personal with it. But had I known what this biography was gonna be, neither my wife or I would’ve participated. Had I known they were gonna put Bubba the fuckin’ Love Sponge in this thing, I would’ve said, ‘Thank you, but no thank you.’”

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