Will Eric Young return to WWE?

Eric Young Gives High Praise To Joe Doering, More


During a recent interview with Jim Varsallone, Impact Wrestling Superstar Eric Young gave some high praise to his Violent by Design teammate Joe Doering.

Additionally, Young commented on his history in hockey, finding others in the business who share a love of the game, and more.


You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On his history in hockey: “Yeah, I mean, I was definitely really good at knocking people down, for sure. I could shoot the puck pretty decently. I was never a super fast skater but a decent skater. More of a stay-at-home defenseman when I played when there was contact because I liked to be physical. I like clearing guys out from under the net. I like getting in the corners. I like hitting people coming across the middle of the ice. That was my passion. That’s what I loved and played mostly defense. Played a couple years of center and now that’s usually what I play. I play center and I feel bad. Some of the guys I play with, I know that they hate me secretly because I play really hard. I’m there for the exercise. You know, there’s no scouts in the crowd. I’m not working on getting a contract. I’m gonna chase every puck, I’m going to follow you, I’m gonna backtrack like a lunatic. Offense is not my thing, for sure. It happens sometimes. I blocked a shot and scored a breakaway goal last night, so it does happen sometimes. But I’m a 200-foot player and I play all over the ice and I know it irritates people because I’m playing so hard during rec league but I’m there for the exercise. It correlates good for in the ring of the going really hard, slow back down, go really hard, slow back down. There’s nothing that can simulate that other than hockey for pro wrestling. So I’m there for the exercise. I don’t slash people, I don’t hit people, I don’t push them around. I could if I wanted to, but I don’t. I just play really, really hard and that’s just because I’m there for the exercise.”

On Joe Doering: “I mean, I’m in a group, Violent By Design. Big Joe Doering, you know, just a massive dude, crazy athlete for his size. I don’t even know if he can skate, but if he could he would be a menace… He should have been born in the 60s and played for The Broad Street Bullies, the Philadelphia Flyers back in the day.”

On finding others in the business who love hockey: “Yeah, I mean, it’s a weird thing that does translate. I really became good friends with Renee Paquette from WWE. Met her working there. She’s obviously killing it off doing her own things now. Played ringette, I think, and then played some organized hockey when she was younger. She loves it. Trying to think of some other guys. I mean, Bobby Roode obviously is still a very good friend of mine. He played all his life. Christian Cage, he played goalie. A really funny kind of interwoven story is Dan Ellis, who was the backup and then eventually the starter for the Nashville Predators, was a few years younger than Jay and when Jay played in Orangeville, all of his hand me down equipment would go to Dan Ellis. Dan went on to become a pretty good goalie in the NHL and had a really good career in the NHL. Yeah, I mean, there’s tons of guys. Raj [Singh], he lives in Calgary. Crazy Calgary Flames fan and loves hockey. PCO played junior hockey when he was younger and he probably would have been terrifying. He’s a crazy athlete. Big man. But yeah, there’s a really huge crossover in it, which is really cool for me. Almost every locker room I’m in there’s somebody there that wants to talk hockey.”


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