Eric Young Shares Cryptic Message, Cedric Alexander On Finding Out About 205 Live Change


– SAnitY leader Eric Young promised a special message Monday night and sent it out to his followers in an Instagram video during the Raw. He’s also promised another part that he’ll release on Tuesday.

“This is me in a cage. Now this cage is where the WWE Universe wants me,” Young said (H/T to Wrestling Inc). “They want me confined. They want me quiet, they want me muzzled, they want me to not be a threat. The sickness is everywhere, the sickness has got a hold of everyone and everything, from upper management to the top to the bottom, the WWE Universe is scared. They’re scared to hear the truth. They’ve got me in this cage because they don’t want you hearing my words, they don’t want you to feel my message. You see, the problem with a cage like this is there are holes. There are holes, and the truth will come through.”

– Cedric Alexander mentioned on Twitter that he found out about WWE making the decision to move 205 Live back 10 pm time slot tonight after airing on Wednesdays since last fall through social media. He wrote:

He wrote, “I seem to find out a lot of things through twitter 1st these days……. Back to killing it after SD I guess”

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