Eric Young Talks About Winning The TNA World Heavyweight Title


TNA World Heavyweight Champion Eric Young recently spoke to Bleacher Report. Here are the highlights: 

more than a decade with TNA Impact Wrestling, you were finally able to
capture the company’s most important title. Talk about your road to the
top and how it feels now that you’ve had time to soak it in.

wild. Yesterday was the best professional day of my entire life. It
almost doesn’t seem real. I haven’t had it that long, and I’m still
trying to soak it in. Talking to you guys, talking to people from all
over, and it’s a good place to be. A really good place.”

What has
the overall reaction to your victory been like and has there been any
particular congratulatory messages that stuck out to you?

man. It’s been from all walks of life. Not just the wrestling community,
but guys from other companies, guys that worked here before, guys that
work here who weren’t here, Robert Flores from ESPN, Michelle Beadle
from ESPN, and all kinds of people reached out to me to say they were
proud and happy for me. That’s a good feeling. There is always going to
be negativity and naysayers and that’s part of being in a creative
field, but its been 90 percent positive. It’s amazing. It’s
overwhelming, really.”

Your road to the Championship scene has
been covered by publications such as Bleacher Report and your TNA
Championship victory has been covered by publications such as the Miami
Herald. What can fans expect from EY as the new ambassador for TNA

“For me, it’s more of the same. It’s crazy to hear
people say stuff like, “Eric Young is quite possibly the most
entertaining wrestler in the world today.” There is nothing more
important to me than that. Wrestling is about entertainment. Whether
you’re entertaining people with physicality or comedy or verbiage or
emotion or characterization or whatever it is, the name of the game is
entertainment. It’s a television show and people are watching it because
they want to be entertained. So to be held at that level and regarded
in that way is the biggest compliment I could get. It’s not just the
fans, it’s my peers and people I work with. It feels like the lifetime
achievement award. It’s cool. I’m not going to win the Nobel Prize, but
this as close as its going to get.”

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