Erick Redbeard

Erick Redbeard Shares Emotions Surrounding Brodie Lee Tribute Show


Erick Redbeard (Eric Rowan in WWE) shared some of his emotions regarding the Brodie Lee tribute show. He also shared his thoughts on several other topics during a recent interview, ranging from a new movie role, underrated talents he’s worked with, and more.

You can read highlights of Redbeard’s AMA below:


His role in the movie Tito“I have a very talented friend in Anthony Notarile who co-wrote Tito with Andy Tworischuk, with the role of Hammer in mind for me. He reached out, and after reading the script, I was drawn to the character because it was something different than you’re used to seeing, which is the stereotypical angry 6’7, 300lb. giant. He is a very articulate, well-read man on socialism who treats people with respect, but demands it as well. I was honored to play the role.”

On ‘keeping it together’ during the Brodie Lee tribute show: “I didn’t feel like I kept it together. I grieved with everyone else. He was there in spirit that night with everyone who attended and watched from home.”

The most underrated performer he’s worked with: “Neville (PAC). He deserves the world.”

Getting nervous before matches: “Always. If you don’t get butterflies or nerves while you’re performing, you might as well stop. The adrenaline leading to live performance is what I love most about it.”

Being added to Team Cena for Survivor Series 2014: “One commercial break before I was fully dressed, Michael Hayes ran out in a frenzy telling me to get dressed in my gear and I was needed for after commercial. No one on either team knew I was coming out. A good lesson for future wrestling stars: stay for the whole show.”

Being paired with Daniel Bryan: “I loved it because it led somewhere. To me, feeling like a second wheel, which is funny because I’m twice the size of him, but the story of feeling like a background character was one that was a blessing to tell. Plus, we were the greatest tag team of all time. #Fickle.”

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