Erick Rowan Talks Ideas He Pitched To WWE For Cage Storyline


Former WWE star Erick Rowan was recently a guest on The Chris Van Vliet Show to talk about several professional wrestling topics.

Here are the highlights:


Learning about the original idea for cage storyline:

The first day I found out I did like three things backstage that day and I was like what the hell are we doing. What am I talking to here? So I explained my concerns going from where I was to this cage and the downsides of it. And the way they said it, they made it seem like it was a good thing. ‘Oh well, you’re gonna work said babyface because said babyface is gonna kill whatever is in the cage accidentally’ and it’s gonna drive you on a rampage where I can go back to that crazy kind of psychotic unstable character that I wanted to be. And then that babyface turned heel and they kept extending the cage gimmick a long period of time.

What was initially supposed to be in the cage:

Initially it was supposed to be a rat. But I think they knew it was a spider all along because they were having this mechanical spider being built this whole time but not telling the guy who was carrying the cage. It was one of those things that you’d like to think they had a better plan or it. I was highly disappointed and kept trying to change their mind up until the day it was basically ‘Nope, we have the No Way Jose segment, this is happening right now.’ I didn’t even know for sure it was happening until I started filming it. And that was when the show had already started.

The first idea he pitched for the cage storyline:

I wrote a pitch to Heyman to show Vince and it was I would have the cage built slightly bigger, and for one appearance on TV, I wanted to bring in the lady who played Ma Petite for American Horror Story. The shock and awe of me having a relationship with this little woman, kind of like a blossoming friendship. And you could have a scene because she’s a tremendous actress and just the unveiling of me taking her out of the cage.

And I’m not locking her in a cage because I’m some weird creep who wants to kidnap a woman. I’m locking her in a cage because I know how horrible the outside world is and I wanted to lock her away to keep her safe from the atrocities that are out there. Because the Erick Rowan character his whole life was treated badly by everybody around him. So I was pitching we could show the relationship blossom for a couple of weeks and then something horrible happens to her and she dies, which sends me on a rampage and you see a different side of me.

Another idea he pitched:

One of the things I thought about was the movie It. Pennywise is like the reincarnation of your worst fears. I was like what if it wouldn’t be weird for a character like the Erick Rowan character to just stalk somebody – not in a creepy sense but in a sense of trying to find out what that person’s worst fear is. That would be the character, and we would have to look into everybody’s worst fears. So I would basically be beating up the babyface and that babyface would have to overcome his worst fear to beat me. As big and bad as a wrestler is, he’s gonna have a fear because he’s a person. And everyone has a fear.

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