Erik Watts On Living In The Shadow Of His Father Bill Watts, Pressure And Expectations, Heat In WCW, More


“It came full circle because Kevin Sullivan hated me. When I was leaving WCW the first time, Sullivan loved it. In Jacksonville, Florida Sullivan came up to me and said he was so glad to see me leave because not only did he want me to do the job for Lévesque but he said I want him to beat you with your STF finish.  When we tied up, Paul said I’m not using your finish and that is bull sh*t and he actually wanted to put me over. I ended up putting him over no big deal but that is the kind of person he is. Knowing the right from wrongs and putting his young name on the line for the business was unbelievable and we became decent friends. What is cool about Triple H to me is that when he was trailblazing and was making his mark I gave him a call and asked him to put in a good word for me with the office when I came back from a trip to Japan.  He was at dinner with Chyna at the time and asked me to call him back and I actually never did call him back but to have that connection with him, to know that had I cashed in that chip something could have worked and to have him tell you something like that means a lot.”

The idea and creation behind Tekno Team 2000 in the WWF:


“It was the craziest thing I had ever seen but being of the business you shut up and you do what you are told to do. I remember my Dad with Terry Taylor. He said you’ve had a good run here (back in the day) when there was like twenty territories and he said just do me a favor and don’t go to WWE and get a stupid gimmick because if you go to WWE and get a stupid gimmick I can’t take you back and then he goes and becomes the Red Rooster.”

“You do what you are told. I remember with Vince when I went for my tryout match it was such an honor because he was so excited and I could have not signed the contract any faster and it was such a highlight. My Dad wasn’t there and I did it on my own and signed my contract.”

“The exhaustion and time and money spent to fly us up and down to New York to make these outfits and the fact they got a fashion designer for us for our outfits. They would limo us to downtown New York City to warehouses where this unbelievable designer was making these outfits and our boots were being made in Texas. We knew we were going to be Tekno Team 2000 but we didn’t we had first names. We were getting ready to go out and we were trying to figure out who each one of us was and we flipped a coin and it was like head was Troy and tails was Travis and that is how I got Troy. It was total chaos and I just thought what in the hell do we do.”

“I think it would have been a really good gimmick. The response was fantastic but it just wasn’t meant to be. Between the fact that there was incredible heat going on when we walked in there and we had three RAWs and won all of them and then there was a Europe tour and a Canadian tour where me and Chad (Fortune) were on the Europe tour and The Smoking Gunns were on the Canadian Tour and there was some meeting that ended up having someone tell Billy Gunn they had to give us their tickets. They switched us to the Europe tour and them to the Canadian tour and the money you make on a sold out Europe tour compared to a Canadian tour is like four times. Now you are not only taking guys that have been there for a while and switching their tickets but you just kicked him in the balls and you cut their money by 75% and I knew that was going to be a problem and when we got back from the Europe tour they were going to drop the tag belts to me and Chad on TV. There was such a sh*t-storm made about that, Gorilla Monsoon and everyone else started pow-wowing around and pissing and moaning that by the next morning we gave our tickets back to them, we went on Canada’s tour, they went on the Europe tour, we came back, we did the job for them, my Dad came in the next week and I was in Memphis. I never really asked him about all that went down but at the end of the day it really doesn’t matter.”

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