Ethan Carter III Discusses The Heel/Face Dynamic In Pro Wrestling, Feud With Lashley


Ethan Carter III spoke with Sportskeeda for a new interview. The highlights are below:

On Bobby Lashley: “I don’t know what to tell you. Bobby Lashley and I have had a long epic feud. He’s won a couple, I’ve won a few. He’s the World Heavyweight Champion and I’m the best guy here, I’m the best guy there, the best guy anywhere. At Slammiversary, I’m going to take the title.”

On the heel/face dynamic: “I believe in the battle between good and evil. I believe in storylines. I believe in protagonists and I believe in antagonists. I also believe that in wrestling, your allegiance or your character is truly an extension of your personality so, if people want to cheer me, they can. But, it doesn’t matter if they cheer me or boo, as long as they’re making noise and as long as they’re vested emotionally. That’s all I care about.”

On iMPACT! filming in India: “It’s a pretty big deal to be an American wrestling company filming television in India for the very first time, but the way I look at it is that everything I do is historical because I’m going to go down in history as one of the best. The fact that I’m here, blessing you fine folks with my presence means history is being made.”

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