Ethan Carter III Speaks On Blurring The Lines Between Heel And Babyface, Wanting To Work More, More


Former Impact Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion Ethan Carter III spoke to Sporting News before his upcoming match at Slammiversary XV. Here are the highlights.

On working in front of a different audience during Impact’s trip to India:

“It was nice to be in front of an audience that was not completely accustomed to us and it was rewarding to give effort to people who appreciated it. It very much reminded me that deep down inside, between all my despair, anger, and hatred, that I really love what I do. Being in front of a crowd that had certain reactions in places you wanted them reminded me of what I’m doing and why I do it. We’re appreciated in Orlando but it was fresh to them and they weren’t numb to us.”

On Impact controlling his outside appearances:

“Yeah, I’m like a caged animal sometimes. Let me yearn to breathe free. At the end of the day, the job I have is the job I love. I get paid to be an a–hole to people and beat people up and that’s pretty sweet. I’d like to do it more.”

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