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Ethan Carter III Talks Slammiversary XV, Matt Hardy & Goes Over The Obstacles He’s Had To Overcome In His Career



Impact Wrestling star, Ethan Carter III, recently stat down with Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated’s “Extra Mustard” section. During their conversation, Carter III went over his upcoming Slammiversary XV match against James Storm on July 2nd, how he misses working with “Broken” Matt Hardy & how he has overcome obstacles throughout his career.

Here are the highlights: (if you are going to use any of the quotes below, please give credit to Sports Illustrated with an H/T to eWrestlingNews for the transcriptions.)

Overcoming Obstacles In His Career:

“A new set of eyes on the future of my career isn’t as daunting a challenge as tearing my ACL twice, being fired from my dream job, or reinventing myself. This industry has thrown nothing but challenges at me, but I’m going to let my work ethic show how I approach the business. I remember the subtle insults and indignities every time I train and each day that I work, there is no one quite like me in this business and I am out to prove that.”

Thoughts On “Broken” Matt Hardy:

“I miss him dearly. I’m very happy for what he and the nefarious Brother Nero are accomplishing. Matt Hardy was like the Matthew McConaghey to my Woody Harrelson in True Detective or the Bill the Butcher to my Amsterdam Vallon from Gangs of New York. The time we spent together really helped me grow and we bounced a lot of weird and crazy ideas off each other. Maybe I’ll see him again some day. Osmosis definitely takes part, but to quote a weird Matt Hardy/Broken phrase, you have to be a vessel to allow the osmosis to take place. I am the combination of the people I worked with.”

Advice Tom Prichard Gave Him:

“Dr. Tom Prichard, who was running FCW when I was there, explained that a great way to find yourself as a wrestler is to take what you love from your five favorite wrestlers and make that into a new entity. When you have guys like Sting, Kurt Angle and the Hardys, willing to show you the way, it’s a great help, I learned from it and seized it.”

His Issue With James Storm:

“It’s not personal for me with Storm, I’m doing what is necessary to make a statement. The new Impact regime came in, immediately hearkening to the glory days of the past and completely negating all my effort and drive from the prior regime. Looking down on my body of work is the worst insult one can do to me, so hearing ‘Make Impact Great Again’ is an insult to everything I’ve done. I’m lashing out by kicking James Storm’s ass.”

How He Did Not Enjoy His Run As A Babyface Despite It Being A Good Run:

“I was asked to go outside my comfort zone and be the friendly face of the company, but that’s not me, now, I am focused on the most important entity and that’s myself. I will make James Storm busted, broken and beat-down at Slammiversary and I will go on to accomplish what I seek, which is to become world champion. I won’t tell people to buy Slammiversary because Storm and I are going to have a great match and I won’t lie and say that we’re going have a lot of fun. None of that is going to happen, I’m going to kick his ass, that will make Impact great again.”




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