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NewsEthan Carter III Talks His "Strap Match" At Slammiversary XV, Says He...

Ethan Carter III Talks His “Strap Match” At Slammiversary XV, Says He Never Wanted To Be An “Indie Star” – More



Impact Wrestling superstar Ethan Carter III, recently spoke with the Miami Herald regarding numerous non-wrestling & wrestling topics including; what wrestlers are from his hometown, growing up a fan of the sport & tons more.

Here are the highlights:

EC3 On The Talent That Is From His Hometown Of Cleveland:

“Cleveland has sprouted off some pretty good talent; Al Snow’s from Lima, so that doesn’t count for Cleveland, Gargano, Ziggler, Miz, myself and a few others I’m probably leaving out. We’ve all had different paths to wrestling success. Miz came from MTV and he always loved wrestling. Ziggler was an accomplished amateur and loved wrestling. Gargano was a guy from the independents who caught fire at the right time and was in the right place at the right time in NXT.”

His Goal Early In His Wrestling Career:

“Myself, I was on the indie scene. My goal was never to be an indie standout, my goal was always to be signed by a television wrestling company. So I went a different route, paying my way to go to OVW and finding myself at an FCW tryout. A lot of different avenues, a lot of different talents, all success and one thing in common; Cleveland and that’s pretty cool.”

Overcoming Obstacles In His Career:

“There definitely been times I’ve been injured; knees torn up, back busted, fired. I’ve been through some business hell to get where I am. So to look back at some of the things I have accomplished, I think going through the bad stuff has desensitized me to a point where I can appreciate what I have done and have accomplished, but it still leaves me wanting a lot more. Through that hunger and that angst is the only way to continue to evolve and be better. It’s like [actor] Tim Robbins in ‘[The] Shawshank [Redemption],’ you got to climb through a mile of s**t to see the other side and I’ve climbed through some s**t and I’ll probably climb through some more, but at the end of the day, accomplishing what I want will make it all worth it.”

His Time In Impact Wrestling:

“Fifteen years, whether it was TNA or now Impact Wrestling, it’s been around 15 years. There have been some good times and there have been some bad times, but the one thing I can be appreciative for and be thankful for is that it gave me an opportunity to hone my craft and become one of the top professional wrestlers in the world.”

His Slammiversary XV Match Vs. James Storm:

“At Slammiversary, you will see myself, EC3, one of the top wrestlers in the world, the best guy here, the best guy there, the best guy anywhere; take on James Storm in a strap match. Everything I’ve done to him has never been personal. It’s been solely because I needed to lash out and truly show who I am. It’s unfortunate for him that he has been sort of the canvas that I am painting my masterpiece on, but he was in the wrong place at the wrong time and for those tuning into Slammiversary, I’m not going to tell you that it’s going to be a great match or an epic contest, it’s going to be an ass kicking. It’s going to be a drubbing, it’s going to be brutal, he’s going to be broken, beaten and nothing more than an old beer truck by the time I am done with him. Then, I will move on, move forward, where I belong and he will be left in the refuse and dust of the past, where he belongs.”



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