Ethan Page Comments on His Hiatus from Impact Wrestling, Visa Issues, More


During a recent interview with Fightful, Impact Wrestling Superstar Ethan Page commented on his hiatus from Impact, his Visa issues, and more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On his hiatus from Impact due to work visa issues: “I actually never departed. So we did the Chandler Park character and then there was some work visa complications. And all it was, was the process got denied so many times they had to keep resubmitting and adding more paperwork in. I know it’s all legal mumbo jumbo.”

On the legal issues wrestlers have to deal with to work in America: “Well, especially now, yeah, with the PAC stuff that just happened and the Dragon Gate USA guys during Mania weekend. For the wrestlers to work in America, it’s literally the hardest country to get the paperwork for. Yeah, so, it happened to (Speedball Mike Bailey). It happened to him after it happened to Seleziya Sparx who was doing Ring of Honor at the time, and was a big part of my act in America. So, she got banned for five years, and then the same thing happened to Mike Bailey. Then Josh Alexander and I actually got flagged, so for about two years of my career working in America I would get pulled into the border every time I crossed (the border) without fail because it was marked on my passport, “You need to pull this guy in.” It got to a point where I was crossing every week to do bookings, and I’d have to tell them what I’m doing. But, some of the border guards, ‘cause they see the record of your entries into America, they literally were like “Look, dude, I’m so sorry, I have to send you in.” And that was the point I was like “Okay, I think I’m fine at least crossing the border. They’re acknowledging the fact I’m allowed to do this.” Then when the visa paperwork actually came in, that changed the game for me.”

On if he’d ever consider relocating to the US: “My wife and I have talked about it. I think if I ever moved it would be to somewhere I could cater my career to changing, so like an L.A, or something like that. Where I could start focusing on other things while to using wrestling to continue to pay my bills. Not a fan (of wrestling in Toronto). I live in Hamilton, it’s 40 minutes from there. I’m okay with being in the smaller big city. It’s too busy. I’ve done placements there when I was in college for production companies. Just too many people, too much going on. I don’t mind disconnecting from it, I don’t know if that’s cause of the way my lifestyle is and I’m always on the go that when I come home I don’t want to be pestered with stuff.”

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