Evan Bourne Injury Update + Backstage Update On The Divas


Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger will be appearing at The Grapple in Madison Square Garden on December 16 to promote WWE TLC in Brooklyn, New York. They will be there at 10AM to meet and greet with the fans.

— WWE has started to focus more on fixing the Divas division. They have now started to use a focus group with fans and asked them what they like about the division in the past, present and what they would like to see out of it in the future. They have also been asked about the Divas they liked previously and ones that stick out now. This could be a good barometer to show that the division will be revamped in 2013. Fans were asked specifics about Divas such as if they want them to be managers, wrestle more or perform in other areas. As we reported last month, there have been plans to revamp both the Divas and tag-team divisions. Triple H is the main guy behind this.

— Evan Bourne updated his Twitter regarding his injury rehab and recovery. Bourne has been sidelined for most of 2012 as a result of his injury:

“I graduated to the treadmill today at PT! Then went right to the gym to squat. Motivated by you all, fueled by @onnit Shroomtech!”

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