Eve Torres Issues Statement On Winning NBC Reality Show


Eve Torres has released a statement on winning NBC’s Stars Earn Stripes through her official website.

Here is an excerpt: “What a rollercoaster tonight’s episode was! From thinking that I was going home in the emotional shootout, to winning the whole thing and earning a total of $150,000 for the USO!!! I’m still in disbelief! It just goes to show what you can accomplish when you believe in yourself, and don’t count yourself out too early. I went into this competition knowing I wasn’t the strongest, the fastest, or the most experienced, but I believed in my ability to learn quickly, and follow the lead of my operative, Grady…. Ok… I’ve just got to say it… A WOMAN WON STARS EARN STRIPES! Woooohoooooo. And Grady won a sweet F-150 Ford Truck! He better let me go for a ride in it some day!

Thanks to everyone who supported me and Grady Powell “Team Long Hair Don’t Care”! It was an amazing experience, and one that I will never forget. This competition exposed me that much more to the bravery and skill of the people protecting our country, both domestically and abroad. While I am proud of my success in this competition, I know that it doesn’t come close to comparing to the accomplishments of our nation’s real heroes. My appreciation for our troops is unwavering, and I hope that through Stars Earn Stripes, every one of you got a glimpse of what our law enforcement, and service men & women truly stand for. Regardless of your opinions on the war, I hope we can all agree that our troops make incredible sacrifices for our country’s well-being. Next time you see a uniformed military/law-enforcement, or meet one of our country’s veterans, remember to thank them for their service. I am sure they would appreciate the gesture.”

Meanwhile, you can watch Eve win in the video below.

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